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Important carpet FAQs

When you consider carpet flooring for your home, we understand that there are lots of questions that arise that need answers. The good news is there are answers to all your most pressing questions, and we are happy to provide some of those for you right here. Read along to see if your questions are answered, and if not, feel free to visit us afterward.

Questions frequently asked about carpet

Does carpet require an underpadding, or can I skip it?
We highly recommend that you include the required underpadding for your chosen floor covering, no matter how plush and soft it is on its own. This piece helps your flooring in so many other ways; you don't want to install your flooring without it. Among other things, it helps to keep your seams intact and prevents premature wear and balding of the fibers, especially in heavily traveled spaces.

Which carpet is best for stain resistance?
Nylon is known for its outstanding stain and abrasion resistance, with polyester following right behind. However, certain brands offer built-in stain and odor protection that works exceptionally well for dog owners and parents. It’s a great option that even makes professional cleanings faster and easier.

Can I install my carpet?
Carpet installation requires a great deal of experience and special tools for an experience that will measure up to the expected lifespan. These floors must be precisely measured and cut, seams must be connected in a specific way, and the flooring must be stretched to alleviate the worry of a premature end of the lifespan. The installation process is well worth the time it takes and can even ensure that your warranty is not voided.

What is the lifespan of carpeting?

There is no single answer to this question, as lifespan depends significantly on the fibers and additional options you choose and how well you keep up with required maintenance. An average carpet with no additions can last from three to five years, while specialty carpets and those with lots of benefits attached can sometimes last as long as 20 years or more. To find the perfect lifespan for your flooring, be sure to visit us today.


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